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Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
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Douglas & McIntyre Vancouver
1979 112
17x24 (cm) ill. b/n n.t. - b/w ills.
bross. ill. a colori - paperback Nuovo - New
Inglese - English text   500 (gr)
088894229X 9780888942296
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Bold, inventive and highly graphic, the indigenous art of the Northwest Coast is distinguished by its sophistication and complexity. It is also composed of basically simple elements, which, guided by a rich mythology, create images of striking power. This indispensable and beautifully illustrated book is the first to introduce everyone, from the casual observer to the serious collector of Northwest Coast prints, to the forms, cultural background and structures of this highly imaginative art. The elements of style are introduced; the myths and legends which shape the motifs are interpreted; the stylistic differences between the major cultural groupings are defined and illustrated. Raven, Thunderbird, Killer Whale, Bear: all the traditional forms are here, deftly analyzed by a professional writer and artist who has a deep understanding of this powerful culture. (T-CA)


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