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Pants A History Afoot

Pants A History Afoot
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Vilo Publishing Parigi
2001 271
24X32 (cm) ill. a colori n.t.
t. tl. edit. sovracc. ill.
  2300 (gr)
2845760353 9782845760356
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Testo in inglese.

Edited by Léonore Lara.

Pants. Trousers. Knickers. Pajama. Pantaloon... Pants have transformed the history of fashion into something else than just fashion; it is definitely with pants that the real revolutions have happened. They will always remain linked to such names as Levi's, Poiret, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, the latter having made pants into an icon of a woman's wardrobe. The stunning fashion photography in this volume create an anthology of pants on the fashion scene. (CA)


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