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Tiffany's 150 Years

Tiffany's 150 Years
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Doubleday & Company New York
1987 192
24x31 (cm) ill. a colori e b/n n.t. - colour and b/w ills
tela ed. sovracc. ill. colori - hardcover dustjacket Usato buone condizioni- Used Good
Inglese - English Text   1800 (gr)
0385242522 9780385242523
45.86 € 50%
22.93 €

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Introduction by Louis Auchincloss.

In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Tiffany's magnificent history is richly documented in this stunning volume, from its humble beginnings on lower Broadway to its eminence as world arbiter of jewelry, silver, porcelain and crystal on Fifth Avenue. 100 full-color, 22 black-and-white photographs. This extraordinary work reveals a splendid array of Tiffany treasures that take us on an enchanted journey through history - from the Mauve Decade and the Edwardian years, through the Jazz age and postwar period, right up to the present day. Here we discover the pearl necklace bought by Abraham Lincoln for his wife, the silver bicycle which was commissioned by diamond Jim Brady for Lillian Russell, a punch bowl from the battleship USS New Jersey, Houdini's watch with a handcuff chain, Pres. Johnson's White House China service, the Belmont cup, the Vanderbilt christening set, and the Super Bowl trophy, also illustrated award-winning designs by Edward Moore, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and others - all breathtaking examples of the Tiffany legacy, now displayed in museums and private collections throughout the world. With an introduction by Louis Auchincloss that captures the exuberance of American society newly rich and on the rise, Tiffany's 150 years presents a lavish tribute to a glorious time of American achievement.

Usato buone condizioni segni d'uso e del tempo. (T-CA)


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